About HKKF

HKKF – The Union of Soldiers is the trade union for lance corporals and corporals in the Danish army.

The union was established in 1959.

Today it represents around 4.500 soldiers out of a total of approximately 20.000 soldiers in the Danish military all together (including the navy and the Danish air force).

HKKF is working to secure the rights of its members and to fight for better conditions and options – including salary rates, pension, education, insurance, protection and general rights.

As trade unions in general, HKKF negotiate four year contracts with the employers – the Danish public system – that frames the work of soldiers and their rights for the coming years. Those contracts set the standards for salary development, education and other rights and obligations.

With other words: HKKF is the voice of the Danish army soldiers in the dialog with the Danish public system.

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact us on hkkf@hkkf.dk or (+45) 33 93 65 22.

Are you a foreign journalist please reach our communications team on (+45) 40 40 94 48 or medier@hkkf.dk. 

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